Oh, gee. Ever notice that you are always last for everything? You exhausted? Depleted? Don't even know yourself anymore?
Listen. I know this part of parenting is hard.
I know you spend all day trying to communicate with a screeching toddler. I know you used to be cool and leave the house at night. I know you're knee deep in diapers + poop + tantrums + spilled food + laundry. I know you don't remember the last time you showered. 
We jump into parenting with all our hearts but we can lose ourselves in the quicksand of life.
You see this? When you don't take care of you, it gets ugly, fast.
Let's wrap you up in some massive love to remember who you are.  
self care is NOT selfish...it's vital + necessary + makes you a happy human
Are you ready to start taking care of YOU?   
Cause I'm offering my $30 Self Care Course for $20. Just for you. 
Right now.  
Yup. Everyone gets a piece of you. But you. 
You are excellent at taking care of shit. 
All of it. And you suck at putting yourself first. 
We take the crumbs of time, the crumbs of energy, shoot...I've eaten literal crumbs of food. 
Right off the floor. Cause kids. And I'm a mom. 
You must put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. 
I invite you on a journey with me. So you are filled to the brim with juicy laughter, firm boundaries,  and a freaking righteous taking care of yourself. 
So you can find calm in the chaos. 
A Course In Care
30 Ways in 30 Days
30 daily tasks/thoughts/prompts to open your heart to YOURSELF. These can be done in ANY order. At ANY time. You can linger in ones you love. You can approach others at a slower pace. I'm up in here trying to create more emotional space for you. THIS IS JOYFUL INNER WORK. Not just ANOTHER freaking thing you have to do.
other women who have journeyed with me
Cheryl J.
I love everything about Jamie. This program was soulful and shook my inner stuff up. Like all working moms, I forget about MY shine. What fills MY soul. Each of these 30 days has a golden nugget for any woman who's lost herself a little bit.
Marlo F. 
It is so simple in thought but actually doing it is another thing. I stopped writing in my journal many years ago. A simple but powerful act- journaling. I really like Jamie's energy + I followed her daily challenges. The most important challenge for me was to pick up a journal and start writing. Thank you Jamie for kicking my butt!"
Debbie V. 
Jamie's 30 days will get you motivated and feel good while you're doing it! She builds a very positive energy in her techniques , and her enthusiasm is contagious ! I would highly recommend her program!!!! 
Debbie Valois---Laughing Elephant Yoga
Embody Love Movement Facilitator and
Facilitator Trainer
Jessica V.
Thank you, Jamie! This was a great course! I just had my yearly physical and spoke with my Dr about my depression. Almost everything she suggested was part of what we did here and I will definitely be keeping up with it. Thank you so much, Jamie! 
I'm Jamie Glowacki. Most of you know me as the Poop Lady + the author of Oh Crap Potty Training. And I'm a self care junkie. A self care maniac, actually.
I was compelled to write this self care course because I've work with hundreds of families. And with VERY few exceptions, I see women, particularly mothers,  drained by life. Women who give their all to everyone. Except themselves.
There are so many reasons why this is so. 
It's true. Your kids are at a needy phase in life. I get that. But generally, as a rule, we as women suck at taking care of ourselves. Some of this is old programming. Some of it's societal. BUT ALL OF IT, is ours to remedy. 
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